Take a peek at the invite for the launch of the FABULOUS Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb and CHILLING Changeling by Matt Wesolowski!!!! The event will take place on the 11th February from 6.30-9pm and will be held at Waterstone’s, Tottenham Court Road… This event is open to all, so don’t miss out on the highly anticipated launch!!!! We can’t wait to welcome you! RSVP: Read More

  • A VERY Cold Desert Sky

    A VERY Cold Desert Sky

    It is a huge pleasure to have the opportunity to review Rod Reynold’s latest Charlie Yates thriller, as part of the blog tour. For those who keep up with the (much neglected) Orenda community blog, I’ve also reviewed the two earlier books in the series: The Dark Inside and Black Night Falling, and Rod is fast becoming one of my favourite non-Orenda authors. I had very high expectations for Cold Desert Sky and they were more than matched. Rod has created another exquisitely authentic masterpiece, his 1940s America coming alive with its richly drawn setting, terse and believable dialogue, and powerful characterization, and it draws on the best elements of American noir, with its dark, hardboiled grittiness, the tangible, almost visceral thread of jeopardy that runs throughout, a protagonist almost hell-bent on self-destruction, and a population of utterly realistic gangsters. Read More

  • Blog Tour Q&A with John Gordon Sinclair #WalkInSilence

    Blog Tour Q&A with John Gordon Sinclair #WalkInSilence

      It’s pure pleasure to have John Gordon Sinclair on the Orenda Community Blog today, talking about his latest thriller Walk in Silence. Before we launch into this fascinating interview, let’s talk a little about the book. And I will begin by saying: John Gordon Sinclair, where have you BEEN? His first two thrillers (Seventy Times Twenty and Blood Whispers) somehow eluded my *fabulous thriller radar*, but that has now been rectified, and I cannot recommend Walk in Silence highly enough. Driven by a deep-seated desire to right a wrong, feisty, sharp-witted, sharp-tongued and quick-thinking Irish lawyer Keira Lynch leaves her Glasgow offices to travel to Albania, to rescue a young boy whose life is at stake, whose mother lost her life in unimaginable circumstances. Read More

  • Debut time! Mark Hill & Two O’Clock Boy

    Debut time! Mark Hill & Two O’Clock Boy

        I’m delighted to take part in the Two O’Clock Boy blog tour, and to interview author Mark Hill, whose dark, brooding and tightly plotted debut is attracting all of the right sorts of attention. Introducing DI Ray Drake, anti-hero cop with something to hide, and his determined, newly promoted sidekick DS Flick Crowley, Two O’Clock Boy undoubtedly marks the beginning of a compelling series, from a exciting new voice on the crime scene. Read More

  • Analysing THE CONTRACT with J M Gulvin

    Analysing THE CONTRACT with J M Gulvin

      We are thrilled to welcome Jeff Gulvin back to the Orenda Community blog, talking about the most recent addition of the John Q thriller series, The Contract. I reviewed The Long Count last year, and called it ‘one of the finest, most evocative and original thrillers I’ve read in quite some time’ (see review here), and I’m delighted to confirm that The Contract hits the ground running, delivering a past-paced, beautifully plotted, complex read featuring characters that are becoming almost iconic. Texas Ranger John Q is moral minded and as tough as they come, intransigent in his determination to uncover corruption, doggedly unpick testimonies, square up to high-level politicians and senior members of the police force, and fight the corner of those who have been victims of everything from discrimination, blackmail and racial (and other) abuse in order to find the truth. Read More

  • This Deadly Thaw is chilling – Q&A with Sarah Ward

    This Deadly Thaw is chilling – Q&A with Sarah Ward

      We are absolutely delighted to host a Q&A with Sarah Ward, talking about her stunning thriller, A Deadly Thaw. Sarah was already on our radar, and we were privileged to interview her when her debut, In Bitter Chill was published (you can read it here: click). There is always a worry that a second book will not live up to the first, but we are in safe hands with Sarah. A Deadly Thaw is not just an exceptional crime thriller, but a confident and thrilling sequel that addresses some important social issues, while offering a truly captivating read. Sarah plays fair with the reader. Her narrators are reliable, with the story of missing Lena being slowly played out to drive the tension. Read More

  • Joseph Knox rips open the heart of Manchester: #Sirens

    Joseph Knox rips open the heart of Manchester: #Sirens

        We are absolutely delighted to host a Q&A with Joseph Knox, author of the exceptional debut thriller Sirens. Our full review of Sirens can be found over at Dead Good Books (click), but here’s a short summary … Sirens is an intelligent, multi-layered and explosive thriller, with a cast of characters that will undoubtedly spawn an unforgettable series. The sirens of the title are the girls who populate the dark corridors of the Manchester drug scene – beautiful money collectors and drug carriers, who entrance their victims, and draw them into an ephemeral web. They are ethereal, barely described – ‘a cruel kind of beautiful’ – as they lure, delight and then vanish. This a stunning and original debut. It’s smart, pacey, gritty and unforgiving; it’s a page-turner and it almost explodes with intrigue and excitement; but it’s also more than that. Read More

  • We’ve been shortlisted!

    We’ve been shortlisted!

    We are thrilled to announce that Orenda Books has been shortlisted for the IPG Nick Robinson Newcomer Award at the Independent Publishing Awards! We’re in great company and extremely honoured to achieve this distinction for the second year in a row (only so long you can be a newcomer!). Read More

  • We’ve joined forces with Curtis Brown!

    We’ve joined forces with Curtis Brown!

    Here’s the press release! In a deal negotiated between both parties, Curtis Brown Group Ltd will now be handling translation and TV/film rights for Orenda Books, whose growing list is attracting increasing attention worldwide. Luke Speed will take over on the TV and film front, having recently sold TV rights for Ragnar Jonasson’s Dark Iceland series as an international TV co-production. Kate Cooper and her team, including Alice Dill and Mairi Friesen-Escandell, will look after translation rights sales. Orenda Books publishes literary fiction, with a heavy emphasis on crime thrillers, and about half in translation. Shortlisted for the Nick Robinson Newcomer Award and the Independent Publishing Awards, Orenda has had a string of bestsellers and award-winners, including Michael J. Malone’s A Suitable Lie, Agnes Ravatn’s The Bird Tribunal, Ragnar Jonasson’s Dark Iceland series, Steph Broadribb’s Deep Down Dead, and Amanda Jennings’ In Her Wake. Karen says, ‘Orenda Books has grown quickly and achieved success beyond my wildest dreams. Read More

  • The Orenda Roadshow is on the move…

    The Orenda Roadshow is on the move…

    We are thrilled to announce that we’ve got four new dates for The Orenda Roadshow! Some of our fabulous authors are appearing at Granite Noir in Aberdeen, between 24 and 26 February, including Gunnar Staalesen, Thomas Enger, Kati Hiekkapelto and Antti Tuomainen (click HERE for details), so we decided to take them further afield. Read More