• It’s AUDIOBOOK WEEK! #LoveAudio

    It’s AUDIOBOOK WEEK! #LoveAudio

    It’s Audio Book Week at Orenda Books! We’ve got some amazing reviews of just some of our brilliant books in audio! Fabulous bloggers will be reviewing  Amanda Jennings – In Her Wake , L V Hay – The Other Twin, Matt Wesolowski – Six Stories, Ragnar Jonasson – Rupture, Johana Gustawsson – Block 46, Su Bristol – Sealskin, Agnes Ravatn – The Bird Tribunal and Steph Broadribb – Deep Down Dead. Read More

  • Vote for Steph Broadribb & Deep Down Dead at The Dead Good Reader Awards 2017

    Vote for Steph Broadribb & Deep Down Dead at The Dead Good Reader Awards 2017

    This year thousands nominated for their favourite books and authors for the Dead Good Reader Awards, and Steph Broadribb and Deep Down Dead have made the shortlist for 2 of the 6 awards! Help Steph Broadribb win the awards by voting through the link below: http://www.deadgoodbooks.co.uk/dead-good-reader-awards-2017/ Voting couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the steps below: follow the link above to the voting page. Select your nominations for the 6 awards. Steph Broadribb is nominated for The Kathy Reichs Award for Fearless Female Character &  The Cat Amongst The Pigeons Award for Most Exceptional Debut. So make sure you choose her for those awards. Enter your First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Sign up to their newsletter if you feel inclined. Read More

  • Analysing THE CONTRACT with J M Gulvin

    Analysing THE CONTRACT with J M Gulvin

      We are thrilled to welcome Jeff Gulvin back to the Orenda Community blog, talking about the most recent addition of the John Q thriller series, The Contract. I reviewed The Long Count last year, and called it ‘one of the finest, most evocative and original thrillers I’ve read in quite some time’ (see review here), and I’m delighted to confirm that The Contract hits the ground running, delivering a past-paced, beautifully plotted, complex read featuring characters that are becoming almost iconic. Texas Ranger John Q is moral minded and as tough as they come, intransigent in his determination to uncover corruption, doggedly unpick testimonies, square up to high-level politicians and senior members of the police force, and fight the corner of those who have been victims of everything from discrimination, blackmail and racial (and other) abuse in order to find the truth. Read More



    As an introductory offer, to celebrate our new Ebookstore going live, we are dropping the price of EVERY Orenda ebook purchased on our site to 99p! For THREE DAYS ONLY! It’s a half-term treat! You can access our ebook store HERE or access it through the ebookstore tab on our home page! Enjoy!     Read More

  • This Deadly Thaw is chilling – Q&A with Sarah Ward

    This Deadly Thaw is chilling – Q&A with Sarah Ward

      We are absolutely delighted to host a Q&A with Sarah Ward, talking about her stunning thriller, A Deadly Thaw. Sarah was already on our radar, and we were privileged to interview her when her debut, In Bitter Chill was published (you can read it here: click). There is always a worry that a second book will not live up to the first, but we are in safe hands with Sarah. A Deadly Thaw is not just an exceptional crime thriller, but a confident and thrilling sequel that addresses some important social issues, while offering a truly captivating read. Sarah plays fair with the reader. Her narrators are reliable, with the story of missing Lena being slowly played out to drive the tension. Read More

  • Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY FOUR

    Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY FOUR

    It’s DAY FOUR of the countdown to ebook publication of Ragnar Jónasson‘s RUPTURE (translated by Quentin Bates), and we’ll be looking at the fourth of the Icelandic Santas (Yule Lads). Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the background to this fabulous bit of Icelandic folklore! Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY ONE. The next Santa is Ladle Licker (also known as ‘Spoon Licker’ or Þvörusleikir) who arrives on the 15th of December and departs on the 28th. He’s a skinny Santa, and he never gets enough to eat. For this reason, he’s usually skulking around the fire, waiting for someone to turn their backs so that he can grab the ladle from the pot and give it a lick! Ladle Licker lingered on the road, long and thin he looks like a flagpole. Hurrying in the dark he found a pot at once and greedily started to lick the ladle. Read More

  • Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY ONE

    Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY ONE

    There is a beautiful tradition in Iceland, which involves giving books as gifts at Christmas time. In the months before Christmas, the Jólabókaflóðið – the annual flood of books that are imported into or published in Iceland – takes place, and it is a period of great excitement for everyone. Gifts are exchanged on Christmas Eve, and Icelanders curl up with their new books, nibbling Christmas chocolate and sipping jólabland, a delicious Christmas punch. To celebrate this tradition, we’ll be releasing Ragnar Jónasson‘s RUPTURE (translated by Quentin Bates) in ebook on Christmas Eve! And every day until then, we’ll be telling you about one of the 13 Icelandic Christmas Santas (The Yule Lads), and offering a special giveaway from the Orenda stable! So here we go! The Yule Lads have their origins in Icelandic folklore, and they are believed to be the sons of trolls, who live in the mountains. Read More



    Back in April, In Her Wake by Amanda Jennings was part of a great concept called ‘Books on the Underground’, where ‘Book Fairies’ hide copies of certain books on set days for underground users to find. Those lucky enough to find a copy simply read it and return it to the underground! These book drops can be followed on twitter by following @booksundergrnd. Keep an eye out later in the month as both A Suitable lie – Michael J. Read More

  • Duck for cover! Rod Reynolds on Black Night Falling

    Duck for cover! Rod Reynolds on Black Night Falling

    We are thrilled to host a day on the Black Night Falling Blog Tour,  here on the Orenda Books Community Blog! I’ve long been a fan of Rod Reynolds, and waxed lyrical about his debut thriller The Dark Inside (see review here), avidly awaiting the sequel. In a nutshell, Black Night Falling is not only as tremendously atmospheric and page-turning as its predecessor, but I am in no doubt that Rod Reynolds has got to be one of the most exciting and original crime writers around. His debut smashed it; the sequel took the genre to a whole new level. We see the return of newspaperman Charlie Yates, comfortably ensconsed with Lizzie, and living a low-profile life in California, far away from Texarkana and a past that still haunts them. When he’s approached by a former colleague, he takes the decision to travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to help unravel the mystery of three murdered girls. Read More

  • We’d like to tell you a story …

    We’d like to tell you a story …

    Stuck in the car on the school run or desperate for entertainment on your daily commute? Planning a long drive over the Christmas break? Longing for someone to read you a book, instead of the other way round? Have a family member who loves great fiction but struggles to read or hold a book? Or are you simply nostalgic for the old tradition of storytelling? WELCOME TO AUDIOBOOK WEEK! Monday 30th November to Sunday 6th December REALLY excited to announce that, in association with Audible UK, we’ll be hosting a FABULOUS Audiobook Week, and every day we’ll be offering 5 lucky readers a FREE audiobook for one of our fabulous 2015 titles! Choose from one of the books below! We’ll be in touch with details about how to enter, so watch this space. Read More