Final Day! Countdown to ebook publication of RUPTURE!

Final Day! Countdown to ebook publication of RUPTURE!

In keeping with the Jólabókaflóðið tradition, where books are given as gifts and exchanged on Christmas Eve, Ragnar Jonasson‘s  RUPTURE (translated by Quentin Bates) will be available TOMORROW! We’ve got a very special prize for today’s giveaway!

Today we are looking at the 13th and final Icelandic Santa (13 Yule Lads).

Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the background to this fabulous bit of Icelandic folklore! Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY ONE.

This Santa is Candle Beggar (Kertasníkir in Icelandic)! He arrives on the 24th of December and leaves on the 6th of January. Candle Beggar follows children to steal their candles, and not because he’s romantic. No, in the olden days, candles were made of tallow, making them edible! This is a sad experience for children, for in the past a pretty candle was sometimes their only gift (unless the Santas were generous, dropping goodies into their shoes every night for the 13 days leading up to Christmas).

Candle Beggar loved candlelight
and stole into the farmhouse for a look.
Feasting his eyes on the Christmas candles
and the children carrying them to and fro,
he hid in a corner where nobody saw him
and then snatched a 
candle for himself.

And so, with all 13 Santas in place by midnight tonight, we hope you’ve been good … for at the very same time, Rupture will drop onto the kindles of well-behaved boys and girls (who have ordered it, of course!).

AND to celebrate FINAL DAY of the RUPTURE countdown, we’ll be giving away something VERY special!

The lucky winner will receive a signed copy of the ENTIRE Dark Iceland series to date … Snowblind, Nightblind, Blackout AND RuptureAll four books will be signed and dated by Ragnar, when he travels to London from Iceland on 11th January, and they’ll be posted out on that day. Or, if you are free, come and meet him, and raise a glass of Icelandic spirit with us!

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You can preorder RUPTURE here

SEASONS GREETINGS TO YOU ALL! Now, where’s that Christmas Cat …