Penultimate DAY! Countdown to RUPTURE

Penultimate DAY! Countdown to RUPTURE

Only one more day to go! RUPTURE will be available on Christmas Eve – which is a very important part of the Jólabókaflóðið tradition! We’ve got a very special prize for today’s giveaway!

It’s DAY 12 of the countdown to ebook publication of Ragnar Jónasson‘s RUPTURE (translated by Quentin Bates), and we’ll be looking at the 12th of the 13 Icelandic Santas (Yule Lads).

Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s the background to this fabulous bit of Icelandic folklore! Countdown to publication: Rupture DAY ONE.

The next Santa is Meat Hook (Ketkrókur in Icelandic)! These Santas are sounding more menacing by the day! He arrives on 23rd December and leaves on the 5th of January. So this Santa is a little more surreptitious than the others, and he doesn’t necessarily enter your home. Instead, he has a long stick with a hook on the end, and his favourite trick is to reach down the chimney to grab some meat! A particular favourite is hangikjöt (smoked lamb), which is a traditional favourite with Icelanders. He’s canny, and he knows that in the run-up to Christmas, there is plenty of seasonal delicacies to be found. And WATCH YOUR CHILDREN. That hook is dangerous, and these Santas are keen to punish kids who haven’t behaved!

Meat Hook was the fancier of mutton well-smoked.
Sitting by the chimney top when darkness fell,
he looked down the chimney, and if he saw meat
deftly sent his hook down for his favourite meal.
The people on the farm gave a hue and cry
seeing their Christmas dinner flying away.

AND to celebrate penultimate day of the RUPTURE countdown, we’ll be giving away something special! We’ve got a signed copy of Michael J. Malone‘s unbelievably moving, gritty thriller A Suitable Lie AND we’re giving away an audiobook download for Kati Hiekkapelto’s The Exiled AND Agnes Ravatn’s The Bird TribunalAMAZING prizes!


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